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Private Real Estate Investing

Many of our clients recognize the value of investing in private real estate and understand the important role this asset class may play in helping to create diversification within an investment portfolio.

These investments include securitized real estate structures such as Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) offerings for 1031 Exchanges. Our team offers professional assistance in identifying and closing on these properties to ensure your investment in private real estate is a suitable complement to your overall investment portfolio.

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Investment Management

We believe investment management is about far more than simply creating a blended portfolio of stocks and bonds and suggesting you keep your eye on the long-term results. Markets are more complex than ever and move at lightning speed in the 24-hour omnipresent news world in which we live.

That requires your investment professional to stay abreast of all economic, political, market, and policy movements to ensure your investment portfolio is not only positioned for opportunities that might lie ahead, but importantly, that it is preserved as well.

We focus on what we believe are consistent, sustainable growth and income potential investments for you that span the spectrum of publicly traded and alternative asset classes. Our advisory licensed team members are perpetual students of the industry, which helps give you the confidence your wealth is being managed with constant attention.

Retirement Planning

However you envision your retirement, we believe it should be a time of fulfillment and purpose. As a population, we live longer, healthier lives than ever before, so it’s not unrealistic to think you may have as many as 30 years or more to enjoy yourself and pursue new ventures in this stage of life that is constantly being redefined.

That is why we will approach your retirement the same way we would when developing your investment strategy. A discovery discussion. What do you want to accomplish? What new activities will you pursue? Where will you live? What is your timing? All these questions and more will help us define and fund your retirement. Quite honestly, any other approach to planning your retirement would not be serving you properly.

Asset Preservation

Preserving your assets is a fundamental pillar of our financial planning philosophy. And it always has been. So, while it may be natural to get captivated by rapidly growing account values during bull markets, we are far more concerned about helping you feel confident with your portfolio as we seek to limit the downside when markets become volatile or decline.

As an independent branch of our independent brokerage firm, we have access to virtually any investment vehicle, including life insurance and annuity products which may serve a critical role in helping preserve your investments.

In addition, asset preservation is about more than just monitoring and rebalancing your investment portfolio. Tax-efficient investment strategies are a critical component of “holding on to more of what’s yours,” as is an awareness of your wishes regarding estate planning and transferring your wealth to heirs or designated beneficiaries.

Our team has knowledge and experience in all these areas and understands how to customize these strategies to help meet your unique needs.

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